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to pieces

to pieces | nc-17 | je, shige/yamapi | 772

Yamapi has him falling to pieces so easily.

pwp party today. oops. I don't know what happened here. sorry. for my next trick I will write them happy and well-adjusted.

Yamapi's mouth slides slick against his own and Shige wants to reach up and grab hold of him, dig nails in his skin and twist fingers in his hair and pull him closer, until they drown in each other and he won't know where one ends and the other begins. Yamapi's hands are curled around his wrists, pressing them into the pillows above his head and Shige can only muster up enough awareness to give them a feeble tug.

Yamapi has him falling to pieces so easily.

"Please," he whimpers and his voice sounds weird and choked to his own ears and he's already so turned on he feels like crying. Yamapi's eyes are wide and curious when he looks down at him and Shige wonders whether this is an experiment or he's simply a new toy but right now he doesn't even care.

"Yamashita-kun," he sobs and that gets Yamapi's attention at least.

He curls slick fingers inside of him and Shige feels like he's had the breath knocked out of him, he feels so impossibly full. He fists his hands in the sheets and tries to get his breath back, force his muscles to relax.

"Try to relax," Yamapi murmurs, leaning in to kiss him again, winding his tongue lazily along Shige's to distract him. He traces the outline of Shige's ribs with his free hand, following the bumps all the way up until Shige is sure he must be able to feel the thundering of his heart.

He adds another finger and it still feels strange and overwhelming but Yamapi is good at distraction, finally, finally wrapping a hand around his cock and Shige groans when he tugs slowly, swiping his thumb over the head.

"It'll feel good," Yamapi promises and Shige nods sharply because he doesn't trust his voice anymore. It doesn't exactly hurt, it just feels too much, too full, but Yamapi always has him overwhelmed and off balance so it's oddly fitting. He's not sure if he likes this, all of this, but Yamapi is watching him with bright eyes, his hair sticking to his face and in the end that's what Shige craves more than anything, more than his hands on his body, for Yamapi to look at him, to notice him.

He pushes back against his fingers slightly when he gets used to the intrusion, manages to get his breath back a little. Yamapi smiles and kisses the corner of his mouth and Shige smiles back shakily. He wants to say something but Yamapi chooses that moment to twist his fingers just so, that it sends shocks through Shige's body and has him moaning out loud.

"You look so beautiful like this," Yamapi tells him and Shige can feel his breath on his skin. Yamapi shifts, pulls his fingers out and moves away and Shige is terrified for one wild moment but then Yamapi is holding him and Shige is clinging back and it's on the brink of too much, too fast but he wants everything.

They stay still for one breathless moment, pressed together and Shige imagines he can hear Yamapi's heartbeat although it's likely his own beating like a drum in his throat and his ears and drowning out everything else.

Yamapi starts to move, slowly and carefully and Shige's breath hitches as he can feel the slide of Yamapi's cock into him again. It takes a few more thrusts and a few more breathless moments but then he's moaning and pushing back, biting his lip until it bleeds because it feels so good. Yamapi grabs his legs and pushes them back, further apart so he can thrust deeper and faster and then he hits that spot that has Shige arching his back and so desperate for release because he can almost taste it.

"Touch me?" he moans and Yamapi reaches one hand between them, fisting his cock in time with his thrusts and Shige comes with a half gasped moan, spilling over his stomach and Yamapi's hand.

Yamapi curses as Shige tightens around him and it doesn't take much more before he follows, and Shige loves this, clings to it desperately, because he can watch Yamapi's face without distraction and Yamapi's too caught up in the moment to notice he's being watched, to school his features into careful blankness.

Yamapi pulls out carefully, before collapsing on top of Shige in a boneless heap.

"Eww," Shige says. Yamapi looks up in surprise and laughs out loud, shoulders shaking and eyes crinkling and Shige laughs because Yamapi laughs and because his heart soars in the precious moments of this being almost real.

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