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all I ever wanted

all I ever wanted | r | suju, donghae/kyuhyun | 1460

Backstage blowjob. I can't even pretend to have a plot.

Kyuhyun had ducked out of an umpteenth run-through to grab himself a fresh bottle of water. The oppressive heat and the endless dance moves were making him dizzy. He was just about to make his way back when Donghae grabbed him by the wrists and pulled him into a dark, secluded corner of the backstage area.

"Hi!" Donghae said, wide smile stretching his face. Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. He wasn't really in the mood for pranks.

"Hyung, what do you think you're-," he started, but stopped because Donghae pulled his body flush against his own, hands trailing down his shoulders and back, not stopping until he had two handfuls of Kyuhyun's ass. The wide smile was decidedly a grin now. It was times like these that Kyuhyun seriously suspected the innocent thing was all an act. He tried to glare.

"Hyung, stop it," he said, breath hitching only slightly when Donghae squeezed his ass with one hand, sneaking the other one under his t-shirt to palm the warm skin of his hip.

"It feels so nice to hold you, Kyu," he murmured. Kyuhyun snorted.

"You only like me for my ass."

It wasn't that Kyuhyun didn't enjoy Donghae's dogged attempts to get into his pants. Sometimes, when he lay awake at night and all his worries pressed him into the mattress like so many tons of bricks, he thought he might like it a little too much. This meant that Donghae was rarely unsuccessful. Even that time when Kyuhyun had been so absorbed in a new game he skipped two meals, his concentration hadn't survived a mouth on his dick.

But there was a time and place for everything.

"Hyung, we're in public," he said through gritted teeth. "We have a concert to prepare for. All your beloved fans, remember."

"I secretly love you more," Donghae said easily, with a lopsided smile that made Kyuhyun's heart melt in a pathetic little puddle. He'd relocated his hands to Kyuhyun's hips, pulling him in closer. Kyuhyun had been so sure it would be impossible to get any closer without simply fusing together. He could feel Donghae's warm breath on his skin, before he pressed his lips to his cheek in a quick, chaste kiss.

"Don't be like this," Kyuhyun said but he sighed, wrapping his own arms around Donghae's shoulders.

"You'll have to make do with a hug this time," he muttered, voice muffled against Donghae's skin. Donghae hummed.

"Hugs are nice," he conceded. "Maybe a kiss too?" he added hopefully, half turning his head so he could capture Kyuhyun's lips in one.

Kyuhyun figured he would feel properly embarrassed about the needy little noise he made later. Much later, when he was alone and Donghae wasn't around to fit his wet, hot mouth against his own, sucking on his lower lip, just a hint of teeth, until he parted his lips in a moan and Donghae's tongue slid slick against his own.

Donghae gripped his hips hard enough to leave finger shaped bruises. He gasped when Donghae pushed a leg between his thighs, involuntarily moving his hips into him, seeking more friction.

It was absolutely ridiculous how fast Donghae could have him hard and moaning for it. His self control should be better than this.

But again and again, it wasn't.

"Want to fuck you," Donghae whispered against his skin, pressing wet kisses just below his jaw. He barely spoke loud enough for Kyuhyun to hear, but it thundered in his ears all the same.

"Not here," he hissed. Donghae's mouth bowed in a pout, but there was still a glint in his eyes before he leaned in again.

"Come to my room tonight?" he asked.

"Yes," Kyuhyun replied hurriedly, because Donghae was doing something with his tongue that sent shivers throughout his body. Donghae pulled back to smile at him.

"Awesome," he said and before Kyuhyun could pull himself out of his Donghae induced daze, the other had dropped to his knees in front of him, fumbling with Kyuhyun's belt.

"Have you gone insane?" Kyuhyun very nearly whimpered. He shrank further back into the dark corner and hoped like hell that no one would come looking. He made a vague attempt at batting Donghae's hands away, but even just the visual of Donghae on his knees in front of him, licking his lips and that was just unfair, had him so hard it hurt.

"Relax," Donghae told him. "You can return the favor tonight." He reached into Kyuhyun's underwear to pull out his cock. The head was already swollen and shiny with precum. Donghae slid his thumb over it, slicking the sensitive skin, and Kyuhyun bucked up into his fist.

Donghae grinned up at him, and Kyuhyun almost held his breath. He leaned in, taking half of him into his mouth in one smooth slide and Kyuhyun had to bite his fist not to moan out loud. The velvet heat was so searing that it seemed to melt his spine. He grabbed hold of Donghae's shoulder with his free hand, fingers twisting in the thin cotton of his shirt.

He knew better than to thrust into his mouth so dangerously close before a concert, fuck his throat chasing the release that burned in his belly. But it was so hard to hold back, he was relieved at Donghae's steady grip on his hips, keeping him in place against the wall.

Donghae pulled back, letting his cock fall from shiny wet lips to lick a thick stripe up the underside. He pressed his tongue flat against the head and winked at Kyuhyun.

"Stop teasing," he pleaded. Donghae hummed happily but complied, taking Kyuhyun deeper than before, lips stretched wide around him. The sight almost made him dizzy. His mouth fell open in a silent moan. He tangled his hand in Donghae's hair, the soft strands between his fingers such a contrast with the overwhelming heat of his mouth.

He squeezed his eyes shut when he came, hips stuttering in Donghae's grip.

Donghae sucked him through his orgasm, finishing with a final obscene lick and a satisfied smile. For all the world like the cat who got the cream. Kyuhyun slumped onto the floor. His legs felt shaky. Donghae followed fluidly, climbing half into his lap and mouthing at the underside of his jaw.

He'd already gotten his pants open and wriggled them down far enough so that Kyuhyun could curl his hand around him.

He jerked him off with quick strokes because, oh god, he was regaining his senses and they had to finish this quickly before people started looking for them. Donghae'd smushed his face in the crook of his neck, making small mewling noises he could feel more than hear. His cock throbbed hot and heavy in Kyuhyun's hand. He enjoyed the feel of it, hard weight below the silky skin. He wished fervently they were already in Donghae's room, so he'd have the time and peace to touch him all over, map every square inch of delicious skin with his fingers and his tongue. Kiss him silly.

He twisted his shoulders, guiding Donghae's head up with a hand on his cheek so he could kiss him, slide his tongue in his mouth. It was weird to taste himself on Donghae's tongue but it was worth it for the way he shifted against him, his fists tightening in his shirt and hips snapping up in his hand.

"Wish you could fuck me now, hyung." He pulled back just enough to whisper, lips brushing against Donghae's, red and swollen, with every word. Donghae moaned.

"Want to," he said, voice barely more than a high whine, eyes nearly slipping closed. "You feel so good. Look so gorgeous with your legs spread just for me, so beautiful, Kyu."

He let his fingers slide down Kyuhyun's arm and Kyuhyun tightened his grip, flicking his wrist just so. He could feel Donghae's muscles tightening as he came, spurting over Kyuhyun's hand and his own t-shirt.

"Fuck," he said while Donghae laughed breathlessly, flopping against him as the tension left his body.

"Fuck. Hyung, we are so screwed."

"Not until tonight," Donghae promised. He leaned in for a last quick kiss, eyes dancing.

He stripped his shirt off, balling it up as he escaped their little corner of darkness. He'd toss it as the nearest opportunity. They hadn't changed yet, more practice runs to fit in before the real thing, and the backstage area was sweaty enough. No one would like twice just because he'd lost his shirt.

Kyuhyun sat unmoving until he couldn't hear Donghae's cheerful whistle anymore. He let his head fall back against the wall with a dull thud.

He always needed a moment longer, before he could face the lights again.
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