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cake first, kisses later

cake first, kisses later | nc17 | suju, henry/kyuhyun | 2675

Started ages ago, based on an interview in which Henry said Kyuhyun was his favorite hyung because he brought him birthday cake. (I would link but I lost it.:( )

Henry wants to blame the wine or even the birthday cake, but really he's wanted to kiss Kyuhyun for ages.

At the end of the night the rest of the dorms are still empty and dark and the two of them are squished together on the narrow couch, legs and feet tangled up. Henry listens to Kyuhyun's even breathing, feels the warmth of every exhale on his cheek.

He half-turns, propping his head up on one hand. He reaches out to tuck a dark curl back in place.

Kyuhyun's mouth is stupidly red, he thinks. It should be illegal to have a mouth like this, full lips that look perfect for kissing and that, he sometimes allows himself to think, would look even better wrapped around his cock, Kyuhyun's dark eyes looking up at him and - he shifts. He really needs to cliff this particular train of thought right the fuck now.

He could just lean in and kiss him, he thinks. He could always blame the alcohol, the bottle of wine that Kyuhyun, being Kyuhyun, brought with him and which didn't last long. Or he could blame the cake. He eyes the bit of whipped cream clinging to the corner of Kyuhyun's mouth. So much nicer to clean that up with his tongue, he thinks idly.

But he can imagine The Look, the one that Kyuhyun usually saves for when their hyungs do something particularly moronic.

Much better to blame the alcohol, he decides and leans in.

(Later he will actually blame the alcohol for this decision. Or Korea, for doing this to him in the first place.)

Kyuhyun's lips are soft and taste like sugar. It's a little like kissing the icing on his birthday cake, so he shifts closer, leans in again for a better kiss, to properly taste the warmth of his mouth. And Kyuhyun's eyes flutter open.

He knows he wasn't exactly being exactly subtle, but panic still coils in his stomach.

At least Kyuhyun doesn't look pissed off. More sleepy and confused.

"What're you doing?" he mumbles.

"Drunk," Henry blurts out. Kyuhyun eyes him suspiciously.

"Drunk and kissing me?"

"It seemed like a good idea at the time?" Henry tries. He throws in what he hopes is a winning smile for good measure. Kyuhyun likes being the hyung and dotes on him, lets him get away with murder, but he's not entirely sure where kissing places in this spectrum.

"Why?" Kyuhyun asks, licking his lips. Henry doubts he does it on purpose, but his gaze is inexorably dragged back to Kyuhyun's mouth. The whipped cream is still there.

"You've got cake on your face," he mutters and Kyuhyun frowns, but Henry doesn't give him time to say anything else, leaning in and fitting their mouths together more firmly than before.

Kyuhyun stays frozen for several seconds that stretch out into eternity. Henry starts to plan an escape route out of the dorms. He can hide out in an all night coffee shop, call Heechul to swap stories about how sometimes people are so stupidly attractive that kissing them squarely on the mouth is the only option you're left with, stupid option though it is.

But then Kyuhyun shifts against him, tilts his head to kiss him back in earnest. Henry can feel fingers clutching his shirt. He moves his own arm around Kyuhyun's waist, pulling him closer against him.

Kyuhyun is a good kisser, he thinks, his mouth so soft and hot against his own. He'd listened to Heechul commenting on it once, in a mood to share his educated opinion on who the best kissers in Super Junior are. He pretended to be completely disinterested while silently hoping he would elaborate just a bit more. That might have been the first night he jerked off to the youngest of his hyungs, from the thought of how his mouth would taste to how his body would feel writhing underneath him.

He tangles his free hand in Kyuhyun's hair, tilting his head back so he can nip at his full lower lip. Kyuhyun grins at him lazily when he pulls back. They haven't been making out for five minutes and Kyuhyun already looks debauched, lips red and wet with saliva, hair a wild mess and normally pale cheeks so very pink. Henry makes an involuntary sound and leans back in before Kyuhyun can laugh at him for it.

He works his thigh between the other's legs, slips his tongue into his mouth when Kyuhyun's lips part against his own in a gasp.

Kyuhyun moans, moving against him, arching into him, and he can feel his hardness through his jeans.
He curses as Kyuhyun pulls away from the kiss to mouth at his jaw.

"Fuck, you feel good," he hisses, fingers digging into Kyuhyun's hips hard enough to bruise, head falling back to allow him more access. He can feel Kyuhyun's smile, lips curving where they're pressed against his skin.

"So do you, I guess," he muses, pressing quick wet kisses to his shoulder in what Henry suspects is a ploy to drive him insane.

"You guess?" He's edging into too turned on to think straight, but he can still just about manage incredulous. He reaches one hand between them, cupping the bulge in Kyuhyun's pants and kneading until he's bucking up against him once more, pressing his face in the crook of Henry's neck to muffle his moans.

"You're pretty fucking hard for an 'I guess'," Henry tells him. Kyuhyun laughs but it fades to a strangled moan when Henry rubs him more firmly.

"Fine, you feel amazing," he gasps. Henry smiles brightly.

"You look far too innocent for this," Kyuhyun complains. But he continues to mouth at his collarbone, slipping a hand under his shirt, so Henry doesn't think it bothers him over much. Hell, Kyuhyun knows him well enough to know what a load of bullshit that is. Still, he grins.

"Too innocent to do what?" he asks, adjusting his grip so he can flip them over, using his weight to press Kyuhyun into the couch.

"Too innocent to fuck you?" he continues and Kyuhyun shivers deliciously against him. Lets out a shuddering breath.

"If you think I'm letting you fuck me you've got another thing coming," Kyuhyun says, though it comes out a lot more breathless than pissed off. Henry shrugs.
"You want it as much as I do," he says. Kyuhyun narrows his eyes but doesn't argue the point.

"You're a terrible magnae," he says instead. "You should respect your hyung more."

Henry grins down at him.

"I learned from the best. Or possibly the worst, depending on your viewpoint.

"Come on, hyung. You've done your duty for today. You brought me birthday cake, you're already my favorite. Now just relax and let me make you feel good."

"Fine. Whatever. But we're moving to a bed. I'm going to break something falling off this couch."

"Old man," Henry teases cheerfully but he pulls Kyuhyun up, pulling him against him and in for a kiss before stumbling towards his bedroom.

They both try to put as much touching as possible into the few feet to his bedroom and Kyuhyun manages to get Henry's shirt off when they stumble through the door. Soft nimble fingers sliding over his heated bare skin, teasing touches. Henry moans, covering Kyuhyun's hand with his own and trying to guide it further down to where he really wants to be touched.

"Not yet," Kyuhyun murmurs, hands curving down his sides, resting just above his hips. He urges him backwards gently until his legs hit the edge of his bed. Kyuhyun flashes him a quick grin, eyes widened in that look he gets, like he's a child with an exciting new toy. And then he's horizontal, Kyuhyun scrambling to get on top of him, straddling his hips.

"I saw that photo shoot," Kyuhyun says conversationally.

"What photo shoot?" he asks absentmindedly as he struggles briefly to get Kyuhyun's shirt off over his head from this angle. He sighs when he finally succeeds and tosses the shirt to the floor. So much soft pale skin he can't wait to touch, to taste.

"The stupid one," Kyuhyun answers, "where they didn't give you a proper shirt."

"Oh. That one."

Kyuhyun rolls his eyes and leans down, fusing their mouths together, one hand warm against Henry's cheek, the other one twisting in his hair.

Henry curls his fingers through the loops of Kyuhyun's jeans, pulling him forward by his hips until Kyuhyun makes desperate little noises into his mouth.

Kyuhyun pulls back and Henry wants to protest but then Kyuhyun's mouth is on his chest, licking a wet trail downwards. Henry groans when his fingers brush the bulge in his jeans.

"Come on," he urges, lifting his hips. Kyuhyun smirks.

"Don't try the evil thing on me, you know I'll take revenge," Henry warns. Fuck, he really, really wants to get off.

"Don't be a brat," Kyuhyun answers but finally, finally zips open Henry's jeans.

He chokes on his sigh of relief when Kyuhyun presses the flat of his tongue against his cock, heat seeping through the fabric of his underwear.


Kyuhyun hums in response, delicious hot mouth still wet against his cock. Henry reaches down to push the waistband of his boxers down, wriggling out of them and his jeans.

"You are useless at being the teasee," Kyuhyun remarks. He wraps his hand around Henry's cock, giving it one lazy stroke, two, swiping his thumb over the head to spread the slick precome.

"You can tease me all you want next time," Henry growls. Kyuhyun tilts his head.

"I'll hold you to that," he says, flashing a quick smile. Henry thinks he might regret this. In the best way possible.

Kyuhyun leans in and licks a wet path up his cock, heavy and thick in his loose grip, wraps his lips around the head until Henry makes a keening noise, reaching down to grab Kyuhyun's hair because this - He's gotten off to this mental image before but it's even better for real, Kyuhyun lips shiny with saliva and precome, stretched wide around his cock, his cheeks red and eyes dark.

He could cry when Kyuhyun pulls back.

"Want to finish like this, or?" Kyuhyun swallows thickly. His voice his hoarse and Henry can see his arm move, knows Kyuhyun is touching himself and he could finish like this - so easily. But he wants -

He digs his fingers into Kyuhyun's arms, pulls him up until they're face to face.

"Do you have-,"


He struggles out of his jeans and underwear, tangled around his knees, while Kyuhyun leans over him and rummages around in the drawer. Drops the condom and the lube on the bed. He helps Kyuhyun out of his pants when he flops back down on the bed and manages to only get a little distracted mouthing the inside of his thighs.

He slides his hands over the roundness of Kyuhyun's ass and this - this is why he wants to do it this way. Kyuhyun has an ass made to be fucked. And despite Kyuhyun's earlier teasing he's not sure, not sure enough, that there will be a second time. That this will be anything other than slightly inebriated birthday sex. So he doesn't want any regrets.

He watches Kyuhyun's face as he slowly pushes one slick finger into his tight heated body. His eyes are wide and round, his mouth parted in a perfect o. He leans in to claim those soft plump lips. Kyuhyun moans in his mouth, writhing beneath him, wriggling to get both closer and further away.
His fingers dig into his shoulders almost painfully when he finally pushes in a second finger.

"Relax," he murmurs into the warm skin of his neck. Kyuhyun glares but releases the breath he was holding.

"I'm fine. Get on with it."

Henry hums, doesn't really try to hide his smile. But he shifts them around so Kyuhyun's lying beside him, one of his legs thrown over Henry's hips and wraps his free hand around Kyuhyun's cock.

Kyuhyun sighs, nosing his cheek before leaning in and kissing his jaw.

"Good distraction?"

"Makes everything feel better," Kyuhyun replies, shuddering when Henry twists his fingers and presses in deeper.

"Fuck, yeah, there."

He arches his back, torn between pushing forward into Henry's hand or backward to be filled even deeper.

"More," he moans.


"Yes. Come on Henry, fuck me," he breathes and it is possibly the hottest thing he's heard in his life, ever.

He gropes for the condom, fumbles to get it on before Kyuhyun's slender fingers slick with lube stroke him, slickening him.

He pushes in slowly in the suffocating heat, hands on Kyuhyun's pale thighs to spread them apart.

"Fuck. Fuck. So tight."

Kyuhyun makes high, cut-off little noises, hands all over him to grab him, pull him closer and he hopes it's a good thing. Kyuhyun has his head thrown back and the only thing he can focus on is the line of his throat and how fucking good this feels.

Between the grunts and curses he may have said other things, murmured them against Kyuhyun's skin as if to bypass his ears, impress them straight upon his body. You feel so perfect. I want to have you always.

He fucks him with slow long strokes until Kyuhyun starts to move with him, meeting his thrusts at an increasingly frantic pace, stifling their moans in each other's mouths, sloppy wet kisses, hands sliding all over each other.

Kyuhyun reaches between them to wrap a hand around his cock, jerking himself off hard and fast while Henry continues to pound into him.

He shouts when he comes. Henry groans feeling Kyuhyun's muscles tighten around him. Adjusts his grip, fucks him faster. He doesn't last much longer himself, surprised he's lasted this long. He's been on the edge so long. He moans Kyuhyun's name when he comes, spilling into the condom.

He collapses on top of him, trying to get his breath back. They're both sweaty and sticky but he doesn't want to move ever.

Kyuhyun wriggles until he can stretch out his legs.

"I am sore everywhere," he complains after a while.

Henry snorts. "Old man."

"You're the one falling asleep on me," Kyuhyun retorts. He wants to protest, point out that's Kyuhyun's fault, because he's the one drawing slow soft circles on his back and that would lure anyone to sleep. Only it's too much effort, he decides, closing his eyes.

Kyuhyun nudges him.

"Come on, get off, we can sleep after we've cleaned up."

"I've already gotten off," Henry mutters. Kyuhyun blinks up at the ceiling, vaguely petting Henry's back.

"Wow that was really terrible. I expect a better sense of humor from you. Come on, before we get permanently stuck together. Ew."

"I wouldn't mind being permanently stuck to you," Henry says, though he rolls off Kyuhyun in response to insistent poking.

He doesn't fully realize what he's just said until Kyuhyun's frozen silence nudges him slightly more awake.

He blinks rapidly.

"I mean. I'm still blaming the alcohol for everything I say and do."

"So you said before. We hardly drank anything at all."

"In that case, I'm blaming the sex."

Kyuhyun sighs and rolls on his side, dark eyes sharp on Henry.

"As your hyung, I should tell you that you really need to take responsibility for your actions."

Henry looks at him warily.

"What do you mean?"

Kyuhyun shrugs.

"You should take me to dinner tomorrow."

"You're the hyung," Henry protests because his heart is hammering in his chest and his brain is going numb. Kyuhyun rolls his eyes.

"Fine. Idiot," he says and leans in to press his lips against Henry's.


He reaches out to pull Kyuhyun back, pull him close to him once more. Keep him there. Kyuhyun laughs and grabs his wrists in return.

"Shower first. I will physically drag your ass there if I need to."

They make it into the shower eventually. Or at least to the bathroom floor which Henry thinks is close enough.
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